Floral design, like any other form of art, evolves with the times. While the timeless beauty of preserved flowers remains a constant, the ways in which they're presented and appreciated continuously morph. As we navigate this blooming industry, The Floral House is here to keep you updated on the freshest trends in the world of preserved flowers. Let's delve into the blossoming styles that are setting the scene this year!

1. Ombre Arrangements

One trend that's been captivating florists and flower enthusiasts alike is the ombre arrangement. These designs blend hues from light to dark, creating a visual gradient that's utterly mesmerizing. Whether it's soft pinks fading into deep magentas or serene blues transitioning to intense indigos, the ombre trend brings a modern touch to traditional arrangements.

2. Minimalist Elegance

Less is more for many modern decorators. Singular, statement flowers encased in sleek glass domes capture the essence of minimalist design. A single rose, daisy, or orchid, preserved to perfection, can become the focal point of any room, embodying elegance in simplicity.

3. Rustic Reverie

Preserved flowers paired with rustic elements like dried twigs, feathers, and even pieces of burlap evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to nature. This trend is perfect for those who adore the charm of countryside aesthetics.

4. Mixed Mediums

Another trend taking the floral world by storm is the fusion of preserved flowers with other artistic mediums. Think flowers paired with beautiful calligraphy, intricate lace, or even metallic elements. The combination creates multi-sensory pieces that both look and feel luxurious.

5. Exotic Blooms

While roses and daisies are timeless choices, there's a growing appreciation for more exotic flowers. From vibrant Birds of Paradise to the delicate allure of Cherry Blossom branches, exotic blooms add a touch of the extraordinary to any decor.


The ever-evolving world of preserved flowers offers boundless opportunities for creativity and expression. Whether you're drawn to the classic or the contemporary, there's something to captivate every floral enthusiast. At The Floral House, we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to bring these trends to life in our signature pieces.

Explore the latest in floral trends and find your next centerpiece with us at The Floral House.

Written by The Floral House

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