Incorporating nature into our living spaces has always been a beloved design principle. However, with preserved flowers, you not only bring in nature's beauty but also its timelessness. These everlasting blooms seamlessly weave into various interior styles, adding character, warmth, and an elegant touch. Here's how you can pair preserved flowers with different decor themes:

Minimalist Marvel

A minimalist interior thrives on simplicity, clean lines, and a restrained color palette. A single preserved rose or a modest arrangement in a sleek glass dome can become the focal point in such a setting. Place it on a neutral-toned coffee table or a floating shelf, letting the flower's natural beauty take center stage without overwhelming the space.

Classic Elegance

For homes that resonate with traditional charm and classic design elements, opt for preserved flowers in rich hues like deep reds, royal blues, or purples. A larger dome showcasing an intricate arrangement can sit gracefully on a vintage wooden table or next to an ornate fireplace, adding to the room's regal aura.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian interiors celebrate eclectic designs, vibrant colors, and a mix of patterns and textures. Introduce preserved flowers in whimsical arrangements with a mix of blooms and foliage. Rustic containers or artisanal glass domes complement the boho vibe perfectly. Nestle them amidst macramé wall hangings, patterned cushions, and layered rugs for that free-spirited charm.

Scandinavian Serenity

Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Nordic designs, Scandinavian interiors are characterized by white spaces, light wooden furniture, and a touch of greenery. A delicate preserved flower arrangement in pastel shades, housed in a clean-lined dome, will harmoniously blend into such a setting, adding a pop of color and nature.

Industrial Edge

Industrial design, with its exposed bricks, steel elements, and unfinished surfaces, might seem rugged, but it's the perfect backdrop for preserved flowers. The contrast of delicate blooms in a glass dome against raw materials creates an intriguing visual dynamic, softening the space's edges and adding a touch of femininity.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Style & Nature

Whether your home resonates with the bohemian rhythm, the serene notes of Scandi design, or the bold tones of industrial chic, preserved flowers from The Floral House can elevate its aesthetic quotient. As they stand the test of time, these blooms not only beautify your space but also become a testament to moments and memories, adding layers to your decor narrative.

Written by The Floral House

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