Preserved flowers, with their vibrant hues and perennial charm, have paved their way into the realm of interior design. No longer are they just personal keepsakes; these everlasting blooms have become pivotal design elements, harmoniously merging with both modern and classic interiors. Let's explore how interior designers are ingeniously weaving preserved flowers into today's decor landscape.

1. Modern Interiors: Minimalism Meets Nature

Concept: In stark, minimalist settings, preserved flowers offer a pop of color and a touch of organic warmth without overwhelming the space.


  • Floating Frames: A single preserved rose or bloom, sandwiched between two panes of clear glass or acrylic, creates a stunning wall piece that feels both light and airy.
  • Table Centerpieces: A sleek glass vase or dome holding an arrangement of preserved flowers provides a conversation starter in living rooms and dining spaces.

2. Bohemian Homes: Whimsy and Wild

Concept: The eclectic and free-spirited nature of boho interiors makes them the perfect canvas for whimsical preserved flower arrangements.


  • Wall Hangings: Interspersed with macramé or other crafty wall decor, preserved flowers can be framed or hung in cascading styles, adding layers of texture and color.
  • Decor Accents: Scattered preserved blooms on stacked books, shelves, or amidst other decorative items can enhance the bohemian charm of the space.

3. Classic Elegance: Ageless Affinity

Concept: Traditional interiors, rich in heritage and classic motifs, find a partner in preserved flowers, which carry an old-world charm.


  • Fireplace Mantel: A lavish arrangement of preserved roses or mixed flowers can serve as a magnificent centerpiece atop ornate fireplace mantels.
  • Victorian Corners: Encased in ornate glass boxes or classic vases, preserved flowers can be strategically placed in reading nooks or by antique furniture, evoking a sense of timelessness.

4. Rustic Retreats: Return to Roots

Concept: The raw and earthy aura of rustic homes finds a natural ally in preserved flowers, resonating with their organic and untouched beauty.


  • Barnwood Frames: Preserved flowers, set within reclaimed wooden frames, can create a captivating blend of rugged and delicate.
  • Centerpiece on Raw Tables: A bunch of preserved wildflowers or grasses, placed in a pitcher or mason jar, can seamlessly integrate into a rustic setting.

5. Urban Industrial: Softening the Edges

Concept: In spaces dominated by steel, bricks, and exposed elements, preserved flowers introduce a touch of softness and femininity.


  • Shelf Decor: Amidst raw wooden planks and metal structures, small arrangements of preserved flowers break the monotony and add a splash of color.
  • Hanging Glass Globes: Suspended from the ceiling, these globes holding preserved blooms can create a delightful contrast against the rugged backdrop.


Preserved flowers, with their undying beauty, offer interior designers an exquisite tool to play with, ensuring decor remains fresh and evocative, irrespective of changing seasons or trends. Through their versatile appeal, they truly underscore the statement that beauty is timeless, especially when it comes from nature.

Written by The Floral House

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