Preserved flower glass domes, with their timeless beauty, can transform any space into an aesthetic delight. Whether it's your home, your office, or an event venue, these captivating floral arrangements can add an elegant touch. Here are some tips on how you can style your spaces with our preserved flower glass domes.

At Home: Your Personal Sanctuary

  1. Living Room: Place a large preserved flower glass dome on your coffee table or mantelpiece as a statement piece. The vibrant colours will draw attention and add an element of natural beauty to your living area.

  2. Bedroom: Consider a smaller glass dome with soothing colours for your bedside table. The lasting elegance of preserved flowers can give a sense of tranquillity to your resting space.

  3. Bathroom: Yes, even your bathroom can be enhanced with a small preserved flower glass dome. Imagine enjoying a relaxing bath alongside an elegant, unchanging floral arrangement.

At The Office: Work in Style

  1. Reception Area: Create a welcoming atmosphere with a stunning preserved flower arrangement at the reception. It's a fantastic conversation starter and sets a positive tone for visitors.

  2. Work Desk: A small preserved flower glass dome can add a dash of elegance to your workspace, boosting mood and productivity. Plus, they require no maintenance, unlike fresh flowers.

Event Styling: Make it Memorable

  1. Weddings: Preserved flower glass domes can serve as classy centrepieces at wedding receptions. They are also an excellent option for sustainable wedding décor.

  2. Corporate Events: Impress your attendees by incorporating preserved flower glass domes into the event décor. They add a touch of sophistication and are a great way to reinforce brand quality and attention to detail.

Preserved Flower Care Tips

While preserved flowers require much less care than fresh ones, they do need some attention:

  1. Location: Keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.
  2. Cleaning: Use our special cloth to clean the glass dome.
  3. Environment: Avoid high humidity environments, as moisture can shorten their lifespan.


Preserved flower glass domes offer endless possibilities to infuse life and beauty into various spaces. Their timeless elegance, coupled with their ease of maintenance, makes them a perfect addition to any décor. Explore our online store today for a wide range of preserved flower glass domes that will help you elevate your spaces with style.

Written by The Floral House

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