When it comes to capturing nature's beauty, there's nothing quite like the blend of dried and preserved flowers. Each has its unique charm, and when combined, they create a synergy of timeless beauty. At The Floral House, we've delved into the art of marrying these two forms to create enchanting glass dome arrangements.

The Beauty of Duality

Dried Flowers: Dried flowers, with their subtle earthy tones, bring a vintage touch. Their hues often lean towards soft pastels and earthy neutrals, capturing the beauty of flowers in their most tranquil state.

Preserved Flowers: On the other hand, preserved flowers maintain the vibrant color and supple texture of freshly picked flowers. They seem to defy time, standing bold and beautiful, adding a pop of color and life to any arrangement.

Why Combine the Two?

  1. Depth & Texture: By blending the muted tones of dried flowers with the lively shades of preserved ones, you achieve a depth and texture in your arrangement that neither can offer on its own.

  2. Versatility: Whether you're going for a rustic charm or a modern chic vibe, the combination caters to various styles and preferences.

  3. Longevity: With both dried and preserved flowers being long-lasting, you get an arrangement that'll be a centerpiece for years, with minimal maintenance.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Duo Arrangement

  1. Balance is Key: Ensure there's a harmonious balance between the dried and preserved flowers. Neither should overpower the other.

  2. Play with Heights: Dried flowers often have stiff stems. Use them to add height and structure, while preserved flowers can be placed to cascade and soften the arrangement.

  3. Choose a Complementary Dome: At The Floral House, we offer a range of glass domes to perfectly encase your dual arrangement. Consider the size and style of the dome to best showcase your flowers.

  4. Placement Matters: Place the arrangement in a spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight to ensure the colors of both the dried and preserved flowers remain vibrant.


Combining dried and preserved flowers in a glass dome captures the best of both worlds. It's an embodiment of nature's cyclical beauty, from the peak of its bloom to the serenity of its withering. And at The Floral House, we're here to help you celebrate this timeless beauty in all its forms.

Discover more of our unique combinations at The Floral House.

Written by The Floral House

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