The Awakening of Aotearoa

As the chilly veil of winter starts to lift, Aotearoa – our land of the long white cloud – awakens to embrace the beauty of spring. The air is crisper, days get a tad longer, and the first blossoms of the season begin to appear. While nature puts on its vibrant show, at The Floral House, we're here to ensure that this bloom remains timeless.

A Burst of Spring Colours

Spring is synonymous with a palette of lively colours. From the delicate hues of daffodils and tulips to the vibrant shades of magnolias and azaleas, nature truly wears its heart on its sleeve. And if you're looking to capture this fleeting beauty and hold onto it just a bit longer, our preserved flower glass domes are the perfect solution.

Spring in a Dome

Our latest spring collection encapsulates the very essence of the season. Crafted with care and precision, each dome represents a slice of spring, preserved in time. Whether it's the soft pink tones that mirror the cherry blossoms or the rich purples reminiscent of early irises, our domes ensure that you can enjoy spring's beauty long after its departure.

Eco-friendly Celebrations

Just as spring symbolises new beginnings, we at The Floral House are constantly reminded of our commitment to Mother Nature. Our preservation process is eco-friendly, ensuring that while we capture the beauty of flowers, we leave behind the smallest ecological footprint. This spring, choose a sustainable, beautiful gift that aligns with the season's spirit.


Spring is not just a season but a feeling. It's the joy of witnessing the world come alive, the anticipation of new beginnings, and the hope that comes with longer, sunnier days. At The Floral House, we invite you to celebrate this delightful season with our collection of preserved flower glass domes. Here's to capturing the magic of spring and treasuring it all year round.

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Written by The Floral House

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